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                            Welcome to Shandong Juyuan CBF Co., Ltd. Website!
                            about us

                            Founded in May 2015, Shandong Juyuan CBF Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock company and the first Shandong enterprise, which is specialized in research and development and production of Basalt continuous fiber, as well as the development, design and technology of related Basalt fiber products; we are the key project of real economy authenticated by Jinan City. Located in the Huamin Road of Guanzhuang Industrial Park in Zhangqiu city, our factory has 84,042sqm of lands, 85,000 square meters of buildings, CNY 960 million of total investment and several technicians; we have received numerous honors and patents by now. Cooperated with well-known experts, research institutions and organizations in electric smelting kiln field, we set up the team and take the advantages of our company on raw materials, technology, market, policy and energy, and work hard on the research and development of production technology of electricity-gas mixing tank furnace. Through combing traditional unit electric furnace with the processing advantages of flame furnace, we have successfully improved the integrated thermal efficiency of energy of kiln, reduce energy consumption, and then successfully carry out industrial production in low cost. Therefore, we have successfully become a leading enterprise in this industry. We estimate that we are able to produce 100,000 tons and sell CNY 1.4 billion of products every year, and obtain CNY 200 million of profits.

                            We signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Civil-military integration (Beijing)equipment technology institute in August 2015; our company was awarded as fiber Materials Research Center, and we started the qualification of confidentiality and quality system of Weapons and Military Supplies; with a planning area of 173,420sqm , we founded "R & D center" in the south of Shuangshan North Road and east of the Bureau of Meteorology of Zhangqiu city; this center is consisted of headquarters base, academician workstation, CBF international communication Conference Centre and Undergraduate Student entrepreneurship Center, etc; now, we are cooperating with eight research institutions in scientific research.

                            Abiding by such Business philosophy of “diligence as basis, honesty as first, innovation as soul, quality as root”, and bearing our mission of “to create value for customers, create happiness for employees, create wealth for the community, create honor for the country, create a model for the world” in mind, we brainstorm, expand our business and make innovations, and work hard to be the largest research, development, processing and manufacturing base in the word for Basalt fiber. We not only strive to make contributions to the development of composite materials of China, but also work hard to serve our county though industrial development, and then successfully become a green, ecological and environment-friendly enterprise.

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